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Hello World

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I titled the post "Hello World" because it's what the first student's program usually prints on a screen.

Hi there,

I'm Konstantin, a software and Web developer.

I'm lucky because I chose my future profession very early at my primary school and then studied it at a good university. I have been building my career in Tech for 14 years, half of the time remotely as a freelancer. I have worked for small software development firms and big product companies. I have worked for companies from three continents and more than ten countries. I trully love my craft and my clients but it's not the only thing I'm into.

For many years, my side passion has been to help people finding a better job in Tech. I coached people one on one offline and online by advising on their Linkedin profile, assisting with interview preparation, helping with technology choice or just supporting them emotionally at hard times.

Helping one person a month is good, but since the number of people who need assistance is increasing, I started to think about how to scale my effort to help as many people as possible. Suddenly I came up with an idea of, a place to get help with breaking into and progressing in Tech. The quickest way to start sharing my advice publicly was to run a blog. And here is the ToJuniors Blog.

I see as a community of people who seek advice and people who have already broken into Tech and willing to contribute back.

To be honest, I don't know exactly how it will look or what tools it will include in a month from now. And this is you who can help with shaping the project. Please let me know in comments what is the most challenging/painful part of looking for a job in Tech for you.

Thanks and best of luck with your Tech career!